Dress4Sure provides a variety of services that can make your party or formal event a success.


Wedding Gowns

You will wear your wedding gown on your big day, and it will collect dust in your closet for the rest of your life. Wedding gowns are very expensive, therefore, letting them sit in the back of the closet is a waste of money. Some brides will wait a few years, and sell the dress for a quarter of what it cost. Some brides will keep the dress in hopes of passing it down to their daughter some day. This often doesn’t work, because wedding dress styles change all the time. We have a many dresses in many sizes. If you are looking for a dress by a certain designer, chances are we will have what you want. Whether you are getting married on the beach, in a ballroom, or at Buckingham Palace, you will be able to find the perfect dress for the venue. The best part is that you can wear the most beautiful, elegant wedding dress, and still stay within your budget.


Bridesmaid Dresses

It is common practice to have bridesmaids at your wedding. One problem that many brides run into is finding bridesmaid dresses that all of your bridesmaids can afford. When you have your bridesmaids rent their dresses at Dress4Sure, you won’t need to worry about any of your bridesmaids not being able to afford their dresses. The rental cost of one of these dresses will be much less than what they would need to pay if they had purchased a dress in a bridal shop.


Formal Gowns

Formal gowns are required if you are planning to attend a prom or a black tie event. Most women who purchase a formal gown will wear it to the event that they bought it for, and it will sit in their closet years. If you are going to be attending another formal event, you likely won’t want to wear the same dress. Being photographed in the same dress twice is not something that most women want. When you rent a gown from Dress4Sure, you can get a dress at a fraction of the price, and you can be sure that you are getting a high quality, stunningly beautiful gown.



Dress4Sure is not just for the women. Men who are looking for a tuxedo for a wedding, prom, or black tie event, we have many sizes and styles of tuxedos, ensuring that you will look handsome for the big event.



If you are attending a formal event, but you don’t want to wear a tuxedo or a tuxedo is too formal, Dress4U has a huge selection of suits in a variety of styles and sizes. If you don’t want to buy a suit that you may never wear again, or if you don’t have the money to buy a suit, Dress4Sure can be the answer to your problems.



Formal attire is not complete with the right pair of shoes. If you are going to rent a suit or a gown from us, you may as well get your shoes from them as well. We have designer shoes for both men and women in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.



No outfit is complete without the proper accessories. We have a variety of accessories to pull your entire outfit together. Some of the accessories we rent include:

  • Veils and head pieces
  • Tiaras
  • Costume jewelry
  • Jackets
  • Faux furs
  • Handbags and clutches
  • Top hats


Halloween and Masquerade Costumes

If you are planning to attend a Halloween party or a costume party, we have a variety of costumes. If you are looking for a scary costume, we have it. If you are looking for couple’s costumes, we have them. If you are looking for a glamorous costume, we have those too. If you are going to be attending a period party, such as a roaring 20’s party or a 70’s hippie party, we have those costumes as well. Most Halloween shops are not open year round, making Dress4Sure an extremely convenient choice.


Temporary Alterations

At Dress4Sure, we understand that everyone’s body type is different. You may be a size 6, but certain areas of the dress can be to baggy or too tight. This is not a problem when you rent a dress, gown, suit, or tuxedo from us. We can do temporary alterations, ensuring that your formal wear will fit you like a glove. Our in-house seamstress will take your measurements and make the proper alterations so that you can be sure that your formal wear will fit perfectly on the big day.