There is going to be a time, for some several times, that you are going to need to go to a formal event, and you would need to dress accordingly. Your first formal event could be your Homecoming dance, your junior prom, or your senior prom. You may have a formal to attend while you are in college. Some people don’t attend a formal event until they are part of a wedding or the one getting married themselves. Formal events can be fun. You get to dress up in nice clothes, have a nice meal, and enjoy some good music. While formal events can be fun, attending one can be expensive. Formal wear for men and women can be expensive. After you have purchased your dress, tuxedo, or your suit, chances are that you would never wear it again. It is almost like throwing hundreds of dollars in the back of your closet to collect dust. This is where can help.

Dress4Sure is a company who specializes in renting wedding dresses, formal dresses, tuxedos, suits, shoes, and even the accessories that you will need to look fabulous for your event. To check out some of our latest client events, we have created a blog section where we share all the great details. So check out our first blog post about our contribution a big live casino event here in the UK!


How Does Dress4Sure Work?

The way that our company works is simple. You would first come into our London store, or visit us online at You would look through all of the formal wear that we have to offer, and choose what best suits you. Shortly before your event, you would pick up your attire and take it home. After you have worn it and you look fabulous at your event, you would bring it back. The cost to rent formal wear from is about 75 percent less than what you would pay if you were going to buy your formal wear.


Dress4Sure Now Has Costumes!

Upon opening our store, we realized that we were a success. Due to this success, we decided to expand to fun costumes for Halloween or masquerade balls. The same facts apply to costumes as they do to formal wear. You are likely only going to wear your costume once. You don’t want to wear the same, tired old costume to every Halloween party or masquerade ball that you attend. Therefore, you can rent a costume at half the cost each year, allowing you to have something new and spectacular every time you dress up.


Client Testimonials

“As the HR director of the Wilson Casino Group casinos Thrills casino, and Leovegas Casino, I am in charge of helping to plan a variety of parties. Many of these are company and exclusive client parties like plus500. Most of the times we consider costume parties as it makes the most fun type of parties. We also work together with renowed Forex brokers who use state of the art trading platforms like ninja trader.

Because it can be difficult to find a costume if it is not close to Halloween, it posed a problem for many of the staff members. Since hearing about Dress4Sure, I have rented hundreds of costumes for our staff members. All the staff members that attended were pleased with their costumes and they were even more pleased with the cost. I certainly plan to continue going to Dress4Sure for my costume needs, and I would absolutely recommend them to others.”

Katrin Svensson

HR Director, Wilson Casino Group

“I used to work as a Forex trader at Forex Trade information but now I have been planning weddings in the UK for over 15 years. I have planned all types of weddings on all types of budgets. Over the years, I have had several brides who wanted a beautiful, expensive gown, but they were working on a small budget. Dress4Sure was the answer to all of the my problems. Thanks to them, I have been able to help many brides find their dream dress and still stay within their budget. It is not just brides that I have sent to Dress4Sure. I have sent entire bridal parties to their store to rent the formal wear that they need for their special day. The quality and the assortment have never been a disappointment.”

-Jessica Wilder

Wedding Planner UK